Services & Offerings

Wether it’s a single event or an entire tour, we offer a stable of advertising opportunities for our partners. We’ll introduce your brand to our audience through hundreds of thousands of impressions (digital and live), various guerilla marketing opportunities, and professional content to use on your own channels.

Learn more about our services below.


Co-Branded Content

All content created during a sponsored event(s) will be co-branded with your company or cause (‘presented by’, logo presentation, tags etc.).
You’ll have full ownership of all content we produce to use on your own channels. To a viewer content will look co-produced by both You and Muga.


Recap Videos

20,000 Impressions per show
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Youtube


Artists Interviews

20,000+ Impressions per (these are shared by artists also, so huge reach potential)
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Youtube


Social Media Promotion

Between posts, photos, videos, articles and IG stories, our events produce a virtually infinite amount of social content. You’ll have access to all of it for your own use and will be tagged in all our posts.


On Site Sponsorship

Your logo will be anywhere and everywhere.

Concert Banners
Tables at shows



Guerilla Marketing

We’ll be handing out stickers and miscellaneous merch to every concert-goer. College students will not only consume these themselves, but their friends/peers will see them too. We can include anything of yours in these handouts:

  • stickers

  • key chains

  • discounts

  • sunglasses

  • lighters

  • bottle openers

  • etc.

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Shall We?


Full Tour Sponsorships

Large companies & brands interested in reaching a national audience.

Single Events

Local businesses interested in reaching a hyper-local audience.

Or reach out directly
+1 (774) 722-3211